Art Therapy

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 Forest City Counseling offers a wide range of therapeutic approaches tailored to meet your unique needs. Among our diverse practices, art therapy stands out as a powerful and transformative modality. Our skilled therapists integrate art into the therapeutic process, providing a holistic approach that combines visual expression with insightful dialogue.


Art therapy offers a multitude of benefits for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Through the creative process, clients can explore their inner world, gain insight into their emotions, and discover new ways of coping with life’s challenges. Engaging in art-making can promote self-expression, enhance self-esteem, and foster personal growth. Whether you’re looking to manage stress, heal from trauma, or enhance your overall well-being, art therapy can be a valuable tool on your journey toward self-discovery and healing.

Ready to experience the profound benefits of art therapy? Take the first step towards a brighter future by reaching out to us today. We host group Art Therapy sessions that you can find on our Workshops Page. Fill out the form or give us a call to be in our next group session.

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