Paula Tripodi


Paula Tripodi, LCSW, stands out with a remarkable 35-year journey as a healthcare practitioner, specializing in bereavement care and therapy. With profound expertise in navigating the complexities of grief, loss, and life transitions, Paula has dedicated her career to supporting individuals through their most challenging times. Her work extensively covers assistance for those grappling with chronic illnesses, highlighting her compassionate approach and deep understanding of human resilience.

A graduate of the Dare to Lead training program, Paula is committed to fostering leadership that embodies authenticity and inspires others to embrace their best selves. Her fervent dedication to aiding those facing accumulated losses and difficult life changes is evident in her therapeutic approach, which is both empathetic and empowering.

At the heart of Paula’s professional ethos is a passionate commitment to guiding her clients towards a life marked by integrity and fulfillment. Her comprehensive background, coupled with a sincere dedication to her clients’ well-being, makes her an invaluable ally in the journey toward healing and personal growth.

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