Stephanie Sutton


Stephanie brings to her role as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) a deeply rooted passion for social work, informed by an authentic understanding of life’s multifaceted challenges. Holding a Master’s degree in Social Work from George Williams College of Aurora University, she is duly licensed in both Illinois and Florida, reflecting her broad commitment to offering support across diverse communities.

With years of experience under her belt, Stephanie has refined a therapeutic approach that places the client at the center, characterized by empathy and a profound sense of respect for each individual’s journey. Her expertise lies not just in active listening but in customizing interventions to meet the specific needs of her clients, helping them navigate through family dynamics, life transitions, and the process of grieving with grace and resilience.

Stephanie’s dedication to fostering a nurturing environment extends beyond her office. An avid lover of the outdoors, she often finds solace and rejuvenation in nature, accompanied by her two faithful Labrador retrievers. Whether it’s the quiet thrill of saltwater fishing or a peaceful walk in the woods, Stephanie’s appreciation for the natural world enriches her therapeutic practice, offering clients a serene backdrop to their path toward healing and fulfillment.

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